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Distributor of diesel at home in Ibiza 

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Home fuel delivery

Carburantes Baleares is the main distributor of fuel to homes in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza. Check out our services and place your order. Our staff will deal with your request. 


At Carburantes Baleares, we offer our clients a specially tailored service, offering high quality in the distribution of fuel to homes. Our company has the highest quality products and is an official distributor for BP.

What does our service entail?

Our professional team will personally ensure that the fuel you purchase is delivered to your home. We have our own fleet to guarantee the delivery of your order.
Steps for making an order:

  • Contact us at our offices. Our staff will help you and give you advice.
  • If you have a tank installed in your home for the supply of fuel, our staff will deliver your order and fill the tank. If you do not have a tank, you will have to go through some additional steps beforehand.
  • I don’t have a tank. Our company has at its disposal expert suppliers in the sale and installation of all types of tanks which are fully certified for storing fuel. You can purchase a tank and have it installed at your home within a few days.

Carburantes Baleares offers its clients a personalised and quality service. The fuel we supply is of high quality, competitively priced and is safe for the environment. 


When you use fuel at your home for heating, it provides safety and reduces expenses. In addition, it is ecological, and helps the environment by reducing the emission of gases and particles during combustion.

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Contact us and request your order now 

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